Adventure games

Courage the Cowardly Dog.
Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Have no fear!...
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3-Foot Ninja II
Take an amazing journey in a far away place. Fight the evil enemies and return the Princess to the King of the southern lands....
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San Fermin
You are in Pamplona. You have been preparing yourself for two years to be fit to run in San Fermin....
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Mesiria Chp1 RPG
First chapter of what will become a huge adventure! Final Fantasy/Phantasy star style rpg.

Space - Actions, texts, talk to people, etc.
Enter - To see t...
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The Immigration game
The rules of the immigration game are very simple...
Avoid the police for as long as you possibly can!
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This is a game based on the film 300....
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It unmasks this game, it tries to close the water or to leave this room, catches objects for better performance....
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3-Foot Ninja: The Lost Scrolls
In 3-Foot Ninja, your task is to defeat the evil ninjas and recover the lost scrolls of the Elders and prevent the evil ninja overlord from using them to rule the world. Use your swordfighting skills ...
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Automaton is completely addicting adventure game fun.

Automaton is the first episode in an epic adventure set in a futuristic kingdom. A noble professor with a guilty conscience has cre...
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Flight Of The Museum
Fly your airplane and dodge the enemies in the background as you grab items, and drop keys on cages....
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