Action games

Pucca Run
Select the correct weapons to defend yourself.

Press “Z” to attack the samurai, “X” to attack the girl in lilac and “C” to attack the boy in black....
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Turtle ninja game
Your favorite turtles are back....
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Jackie Chan. Rely On Relics
Valmont has taken jackie's niece, Jade, to force Jackie to hand over the talismans he has in his possession. But Jackie is not the negotiating type and he doesn't like it when people mess with his fam...
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Matrix Bullettime
In this game you can fight in Bullet time, run up walls and fight against up to 5 enemies at the same time. It’s Matrix Styles!

Hint: Turn on your fav fighting song while playing, becau...
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Xevoz Showdown
In this awesome side scrolling, fighting game, you've to choose from two characters to start your journey. You will confront with numerous enemies and creatures along the way.

If you ge...
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Ivan Drago - Boxing game
As Ivan Drago, a boxer who was locked in a russian embassy you must fight your way through the streets of America to restore society.

Punch/Action-A, Block-S, Duck/Kneel-D, Super Punch-...
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Full metal Alchemist
Be careful with the wolves....
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Hulk Smash Up
Smash the town as fast as you can before time runs out. Watch aout for army vehicles if they hit you, you lose time.

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Kypto: Heroes Unleashed
It's time for the super pet, help them to save the day....
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Dragon Ball: Flying Cloud
Fight with Son Goku against the Red Patrol. Fly with the cloud


A = Letf
D = Right
S = Down
W = Up
L = Attack
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