Shooting Games

Shoot the enemies Rambo, you are the best soldier....
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You are a secret agent. Complete your mission and save your country...
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Metal Slug Brutal
The war is here, and your soldier have to fight untl the end. MOve with the arrows right and left, shoot with "Z", jump with "X". ...
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Crazy Penguin Catapult
The Polar Bears have been abusive with the Penguins. And penguins are just one way to cope. War. Help the penguins have give them a lesson to the Bears. Has your peers into the catapult with spacebar...
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Fulltime Killer
Be a mercenary and get your mission. Find the other snipers after they find you....
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The Sniper
Stragy games about the "D Day", you are a sniper. Find your enemies after they finf you....
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Canyon Shooter
Stop your enemies!!! get with your parachutes and save the day!!!!...
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Counter Strike
Counter Strike is one of the games cult of simulators. Practice with this version in flash where you must be the fastest. Aim and shoot and prepare for your next battle of this popular game....
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Fight for the control of the streets, be the god father, be the boss of the gangs....
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Vinnies Shooting Yard
Practice your shoots. If you get a good score you could unlock a powerful gun!!!...
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