Crossing Cup
Practice your corner kicks with favorite country team of soccer, an excellent soccer game!!!!...
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Johnny Bravo In Bravo Goalie jan
Play Penalties with Johnny Bravo...
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African Nations Cup
kick Penalty for the African Nations Cup... Who wil be the Winner??
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Side Kick 2007
Feel the soccer emotion in this game, win the World cup and be a champion.


Right, left, up and Down = With arrows
Kick, pass and shoot the ball = Ctrl
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Free Kick Game
Show your skill in free kick. Prove you're the best in the league....
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Goal Street
Play soccer like the street!!!!...
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Ghost Soccer
Human against ghost in this unusual soccer game, enjoy it !!!!!


Right, left, up and Down = With arrows
Kick and take away the ball = X
Pass = Z
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Premiere League Foosball
If you like the premiere league, this games is for you. Enjoy the emotion....
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Euro Campionii 2008
Play the Euro with your favorite country. Move with arrows and pass with "X", shoot to gol with "C". Be The Euro Winner!!!!...
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Coco Penalty
help Coco to kick penalties. This chimp wants to be ready for the World Cup in South Africa 2010....
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