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ADvFG Kung Fu II: Hyper-Mega Edition". Now the game includes Steve and Francine for American Dad, and Meg and Brian for Family Guy. Ryu is now selectable from the character select screen as well.
This fighting game pits characters from both shows against each other. For Team American Dad, there is Stan, Hayley, Roger, and Klaus. For Team Family Guy, there is Peter, Lois, Chris, and Stewie.

In Arcade Mode, you choose a character and fight the other seven, one after the other. After defeating all seven characters, you fight a final boss. The final boss is none other than Ryu. The Ryu sprite is based on his Super Street Fighter II form. He is the most aggressive of the opponents, which does not say much since the AI sucks (you can just corner them and spam the same attack over and over). Ryu has watered-down versions of his specials: the Hadouken, Shouryuuken, and Tatsumakisempuukyaku.As cool as it was to see Ryu make a cameo in this Flash game, it would have been MUCH better if Homer Simpson was the final boss character instead of Ryu. It'd make better sense overall, and Fox owns Homer as well. I'm sure Peter Griffin vs. Homer Simpson is talked about as much as Mario vs. Sonic.

The entire game is very slow and laggy, and really kinf of boring. However, it does have its charm in that you can play as Peter or Stewie. Also, the animations are very good, and attack animations are very creative.Someone should make MUGEN characters out of these guys...The Stage BG is Sagat's stage from SF2.

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why wont it let me play god dammit

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